Following this blog using the RSS

If you’re like me, you may want to follow updates on a site without having to check it so often. One great way of doing this is to make use of an RSS feed, if the site has one (which this blog does). The feed will notify you of every update I make. Here’s how to subscribe to it.128px-feed-iconsvg

If you’re using Internet Explorer 7, you can subscribe to the feed using the Feeds toolbar button. If you don’t see something that looks like the orange icon on the right, you can right-click on the toolbar and go to “Customize Command Bar” > “Add or Remove Commands…” and add the Feeds button. Once you’ve done this, if you’re viewing this blog, you can click the dropdown arrow of the button and then click “YAOMTC’s Latest RSS Feed”. (This will change when I give this blog a better name.) You can then subscribe to the feed.

If you’re using Firefox, you can simply click on the same icon on the right end of the location bar and subscribe that way. It even allows you to choose the method you’ll use to subscribe to it. I personally prefer Google Reader.

And that’s that. Comment if you have any questions!

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One Comment on “Following this blog using the RSS”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I finally got Google Reader to work…and lo and behold…it was awfully simple. lol. I tried it once and it didn’t work; now I wonder how I messed up something so simple…I mean, seriously… Anywho, I might now actually see posts. 😛

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