#2: For fans of Mr. Rogers, Ernest Shackleton, and music.

First we have a video. For those who have never seen Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, I’m sorry about your childhood. Oh, and there’s plenty of clips on YouTube for context.

Next, a couple comics:

  • A recent iteration of garfield minus garfield. It’s one of my favorite ones, check it out.
  • A comic featuring the disembodied heads of Ernest Shackleton, Pythagoras, and Charles Darwin planning to rescue the disembodied head of Amelia Earhart, who got lost in the Bermuda Triangle again.

And finally, for the music fans.Ā  I found something amazing. I’m sure you all know about Pandora already. If you don’t, you must be new to the Internet? It’s free web radio that can create custom stations based on a submitted track/artist name, and plays music you may not have heard based on how you rate them. Many of you may have also heard of Last.fm, a music-oriented community that, with a compatible player, can display the tracks you’ve listened to lately, and allows you to meet people with similar (or different) musical tastes.

Well, I found a site that combines the awesomeness of both.


(Of course you’ll need an account on both sites. Both are free.)

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One Comment on “#2: For fans of Mr. Rogers, Ernest Shackleton, and music.”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    Pandora.FM looks really cool. šŸ˜€ I got a Last.FM account but never did much with it…now I can use it more. šŸ˜€

    The episode with Mr. Rodgers was very interesting. I understand the show, him, and where he was coming from better after seeing this than I did before. Like I said, I’ve probably just seen one episode all the way through, so, I didn’t have a very strong grasp on the show; however, now, I know the point and goal better. The episode (and parts of others) that I have seen, as well as the talk about it that I have heard, would make it seem like he was quite effective, too.

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