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How to Create Paper-free Flash Cards

February 17, 2009

Want to make some flash cards to help you study something, but don’t have enough index cards? Don’t want to waste paper and time? Frugal? Here is how you can fairly quickly and easily create some flash cards to use on your computer, using a handy widget.

  1. It’s a Yahoo! Widget, specifically. You’ll have to go here to download the Yahoo! Widgets base first.
  2. Then you can download the widget itself, Flashcards. You can then open it up and it’ll be added to Yahoo Widgets.
  3. Next, create a text document (.txt) in Notepad (or whatever other simple text editor you use) to type in the text that will be on the cards. Each line will be a new card, and in between the two phrases/words/whatever on each side of the card, place a horizontal bar, |. It’s Shift+\. There is an example file with German words, you can look at that if you don’t understand what I mean.
  4. Save the file to a place that you’ll remember, and start up Yahoo! Widgets.
  5. In Flash Cards, right-click the widget itself and then Widget Preferences. In the General tab, you can change the text file that is used for the flash cards to the one you created (or got from somewhere else).

And that’s it! Hope it helps.

Now back to studying I go.

A final note: if you’ll be using Unicode characters (i.e., characters other than the ones you can directly access on an English keyboard, like é and ô), you’ll need to save in Unicode encoding. This can be accessed in Notepad by using the “Encoding” menu in the “Save As” dialog.

(Updated April 27th for more clarity.)